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Black Seed Honey

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Black Seed HoneyOur products are 100% natural honey. 0.72kg

Citrus Honey

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Citrus HoneyOur products are 100% natural honey. 0.72kg One of the rich sources of antioxidants you can get in packages of citrus honey Uhoney, with many uses and healing properties.. A quick tour with this type of honey informs you about many of its benefits and uses, and answers you a question: Why do many prefer to have it? What is Uhoney Citrus Honey? It is honey produced by bees from the nectar of citrus fruits, which is known to be rich in vitamin C and antioxidants such as: flavonoids. What is the nutritional value of Uhoney Citrus Honey? Each 21 grams of Uhoney Citrus Honey contains: 64 calories. 17 grams of sugar includes: fructose, sucrose, glucose, and maltose. And a large proportion of amino acids and antioxidants, in addition to a small proportion of vitamins and minerals, including zinc and iron. The darker the color of honey, the more antioxidants it contains. When is Uhoney Citrus Honey collected? Citrus trees bloom in March and April, and honey is secreted in late April. What are the health benefits of Uhoney Citrus Honey? Lots of health benefits that you can get with Uhoney Citrus Honey, the most important of which are: 1. Treatment of anemia, and raising the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood. 2. Improving the performance of the digestive, respiratory and urinary systems. 3. Cleanse the mouth of bacteria. 4. Treatment of night insomnia. 5. Help reduce high blood pressure. 6. Enhance the functioning of the immune system. 7. Promote the growth of children's bones and teeth. 8. Give the body energy and vitality. 9. Improving mental abilities. 10. Calm the nerves and give a sense of relaxation. How is Uhoney Citrus Honey used? To get the most out of Uhoney Citrus Honey, it is best to take 1 tablespoon of it with ½ cup of water or warm milk before breakfast. Is Uhoney Citrus Honey Safe to Use? Uhoney citrus honey is safe to use, either as a natural sweetener, taken directly in moderation, or as a topical application for infections and wounds. Is Uhoney Citrus Honey Safe for Babies? Since all components of Uhoney Citrus Honey are 100% natural, it is safe for children, and even promotes the growth of their bones and teeth, and is a light and ideal food for their stomach that gives them energy, vitality and activity. How can you be sure that the Uhoney Citrus Honey product is authentic? The best way to be sure that Uhoney Citrus Honey is authentic is to purchase it from our store, which guarantees you will receive high quality products. Where do you find citrus honey Uhoney? You can easily buy Uhoney citrus honey from our store, at reasonable prices to ensure its quality and that it is the original, unimited honey, as great care and precision have been taken in every stage of its production, until it reaches you wherever you are. By purchasing Uhoney citrus honey, you will get great nutritional and health value, for you and your family members, and enjoy an irresistible taste with your favorite drinks and meals.

Flower Package

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Flower Package honey Weight: 1.5kg

Flowers Honey

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Flowers HoneyOur products are 100% natural honey. 0.72kgHoney, which is not without a home, and the beloved guest at your dining table, decorates it with its attractive aroma and wonderful taste, and on top of that, it is a balanced meal for your children, so here are the most important facts you may want to know about flower honey. What is Uhoney Flower Honey? It is the most prevalent type of honey, characterized by its pleasant aroma and wonderful taste, and its multiple health benefits, especially if you seek to grow your children in a healthy and sound manner and provide them with balanced meals, as it contains large proportions of vitamins and minerals important to the body. How is Uhoney Flower Honey produced? Uhoney flower honey is produced from the nectar of flowers and roses. The bees collect the nectar from these flowers, then turn it into a sugary liquid, store it in hexagonal cells and cover it with a waxy substance in order to preserve it. What is the nutritional value of Uhoney flower honey? What distinguishes this type of honey is that it contains a high nutritional value that is very beneficial for the body, as its most important components are as follows: 1. Vitamin C.2. Vitamin A. 3. Another group of important vitamins. 4. A group of minerals such as: magnesium, calcium and zinc. 5. Anti-oxidants. 6. Proteins. 7. Dietary fiber. 8. Ratios of glucose and fructose. What are the health benefits of Uhoney flower honey? The original Uhoney flower honey is distinguished by its nutritional value and its health and cosmetic benefits that are endless, whether for adults or children over a year, including: 1. Provides the body with energy, vitality and activity. 2. Helps focus. 3. It helps children's bones grow naturally. 4. Protects the body from the lack of nutrients it needs. 5. It is used in cosmetic recipes for hair and skin. How is Uhoney Flower Honey used? 1. Uhoney flower honey is used by taking a spoonful of it in half a glass of water in the morning before breakfast. 2. It can be added to favorite drinks and meals. 3. It is also used to sweeten drinks and foods as an alternative to white sugar. 4. It can be used as masks for the skin and hair to maintain freshness and vitality. How do you keep the Uhoney flower honey product? You can preserve the properties and nutritional value of Uhoney flower honey by storing it in dark places away from high temperatures, and do not put it in the refrigerator. Is there any harm in using Uhoney flower honey? Uhoney flower honey has no harm or side effects, as all its components are completely natural, and beneficial to the body, bearing in mind that it is given to children over the age of one year. How can you be sure that the Uhoney Flower Honey product is authentic? There are some stores that may trade non-original flower honey of unrequired quality, so we recommend that you check the honey before buying it in the approved laboratories designated for that, or buy it from our store, which offers you the 100% guaranteed product at competitive prices. Where do you find Uhoney flower honey? Get Uhoney flower honey from our store, where we provide you with excellent quality, excellent price and fast shipping service, which is the equation that all customers are looking for wherever they are and to have a pleasant shopping experience with us.

Golden package of honey

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Golden package of honeyWeight: 1.5kg products are 100% natural honey.

Honey Lavender

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Honey Lavender products are 100% natural honey.Weight: 0.46kg In the event that honey is a completely natural product in all stages of its production, it has not been subjected to any kind of human intervention, and in the event that honey contains a number of natural substances that effectively contribute to promoting the health of the body, then this means that we refer to Uhoney lavender honey. Below is more detailed information about this type of honey with amazing specifications. What is Uhoney Lavender Honey? From the aromatic lavender flowers that grow in sunny areas, bees produce a unique medium-crystallized honey with a mild sour aroma, light amber color, and a wonderful flavour. How is Uhoney Lavender Honey produced? Bees produce this type of honey from the nectar of lavender flowers grown in chemical-free areas, as well as bee houses, which are not treated with antibiotics, but rather fed on this honey, in addition to that honey is not exposed to any kind of heating above its natural temperature. What is the nutritional value of Uhoney lavender honey? Each 100 grams of Uhoney lavender honey contains 398.39 calories, as well as the following nutritional values: Carbohydrates 78 grams. Glucose 78 grams. Proteins 0.5 g. Vitamins 0.009 grams. Metal 0.062 grams. Among the minerals that make up Uhoney lavender honey are: copper, iron, potassium, manganese, zinc, and selenium. This honey also contains beneficial enzymes, flavonoids, organic acids, and essential oils. When is Uhoney lavender honey collected? The lavender flowers grow in the months of July and August, while the honey is harvested in the month of June in a completely natural way intended to preserve its original state. What are the health benefits of Uhoney lavender honey? One tablespoon daily of Uhoney lavender honey provides you with the following health benefits: 1. Calm the nerves, resist insomnia, tension and exhaustion. 2. Resist bacteria and fungi. 3. Relief of pain and nervous disorders. 4. Expel stomach gases. 5. Treating some skin diseases, and it is also effective for the skin in general. 6. Reducing headache pain of all kinds, and symptoms of shortness of breath. 7. Effectively help heal wounds and treat burns and bruises. 8. Treatment of female infertility. 9. Prevention of different types of cancers. 10. Enhance memory. How is Uhoney honey used? You can use Uhoney lavender honey by eating a teaspoon of it at night to feel relaxation and calm the nerves, or take a spoonful of it in a glass of warm water in the morning to relieve colon symptoms, or use it as a topical application on the skin to treat the effects of wounds, infections or burns. How do you keep the Uhoney lavender honey product? To keep the Uhoney honey package in good condition, it should be placed in a dark place at a temperature between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, but not in the refrigerator because this helps the rapid crystallization of the honey. Is there any harm in using lavender honey? There is no harm in using Uhoney lavender honey thanks to its natural ingredients, and it is completely safe for children, even those who are less than a year old, given its moderate consumption. How can you be sure that the Uhoney lavender honey product is authentic? Order Uhoney Lavender Honey in our store to be confident that you are getting the original product with all-natural ingredients. What is the price of Uhoney lavender honey? The selling price of Uhoney lavender honey depends on a number of criteria, the most important of which are the weight of the package, the production period, and whatever the criteria, you will get the original product from our store at a very competitive price. Where do you find Uhoney lavender honey? You may not be able to get Uhoney honey in regular stores, so the best way is to order the product from our store and get it as soon as possible wherever you are. Get the original Uhoney lavender honey packages to enjoy the unique taste in every sip, and contribute to the health and health of your family members.

Linden flower honey

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Linden flower honeyOur products are 100% natural honey. flower honey/Weight: 0.72kgUhoney linden honey Size: 460 grams In every spoonful of Uhoney linden honey you eat directly, or add it to your favorite drinks and baked goods, discover a unique taste and a different flavor, and if you are wondering about the secret of this taste, you will get comprehensive answers in the following topics. lines. What is linden honey Uhoney? It is a type of honey with 100% natural content, which is characterized by its transparent white color, spicy scent-inclined floral aroma and distinctive taste, as well as rapid crystallization and transformation into medium or fine form. granules.

Pine Honey

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Pine Honey products are 100% natural honey.Weight: 0.71kg

Propolis Herbal Content Paste Mix

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Propolis Herbal Paste

IIt supports the immune system with antioxidants. Herbal paste mixture is suitable for daily use. You can discover it to protect your body resistance and protect your energy with propolis! Propolis, which is a very important herbal healing source, is known for its effects on human health. Propolis, which has a rich content, accelerates the regeneration process of cells and facilitates the healing of wounds. It is also a powerful immune booster.

Uhoney Package

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