Hand and nail care cream

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Hand and Nail Care CreamEFFECTS:Intensive humidification •Deep feeding •Repair •Lightening the pigment color • Nail strengtheningRepairs, softens and smoothes even the driest and most irritated hands.Olive leaf extract: nourishes deeply, repairs dry and cracked skin.Olive oil - replenishes important lipids in the epidermis, protects against fluid loss.Shea Butter - deeply moisturizes and softens handsGlycerin- Maintains the necessary moisture level for 48 hours down to the deepest layers of the skin.Vitamin E – the 'vitamin of youth' restores a lively look to handsAloe vera extract – soothes the skinCollagen and elastin – add elasticity to the skin, preventing loss of firmness.

Intense Nail and Cuticle Nourishing Bio-Oil

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Moisturizes cuticles and polishes nails Nail and skin oil Nail polish and cuticle nourishing professional daily care. Its biologically active and natural ingredient formula is COSMOS certified. Organic bio-oils with cold compresses (BIO-avocado, BIO-jojoba, BIO-macadamia) rich in vitamins provide the necessary daily care for dry nails and sensitive cuticles. This oil blend deeply nourishes and rejuvenates the area. With regular use, it prevents the cuticles from breaking off and growing on the nail.SYSTEMATIC TREATMENT• prevents dryness and softens cuticles• prevents cracking and splitting • nourishes and revitalizes nails – increases their resistance and shines.100% vegan. Does not contain mineral oils.

Luxurious hand and nail cream with Argan and Vanilla

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Luxurious hand and nail cream with Argan and VanillaArgan oil, known as Moroccan gold, is obtained from the fruit of the argan tree. Thanks to its vitamin E, antioxidants, omega-6 and important fatty acids content, it is a must for dry skin. In Morocco, the argan tree is also known as the 'tree of life'. In Europe, it is the 'elixir of youth'.7 SOLUTIONS TO 7 DIFFERENT HAND AND NAIL PROBLEMSDeeply nourishes and moisturizes Smoothes and provides elasticity Instantly relieves stiffness Repairs nails Softens cuticles Equalizes color differences Revitalizes the skin

Multi-Purpose Nail Care 8-in-1 Total Action Golden Shine

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Super effective regenerative care for split, split and brittle nails Strengthen split nails The luxurious formula with titanium content effectively hardens the nails, smoothes the layer and fills the micro-damaged areas. Thanks to its nutritious ingredients, it helps the nail to grow and prevents breakage, splitting and breakage. The gold dust inside enlivens the nails, giving them a beautiful and stylish look.

Nail and Nail Argani Care Oil – Sugary Oil

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Nail Polish Pre-Nail Whitening & Beautifying Base

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Whitening and smoothing treatment It whitens the nails and removes all color problems caused by the dryness of the nail

Repairing And Thickening Treatment After Permanent Nail Polish

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nail care polish Its structuring and hardening formula has been specially developed for nails weakened after permanent nail polish. Its intense formula penetrates the structure of the nail, providing maximum regeneration and hardening of the nail structure. Prevents breakage and bending by holding the nail; It helps them to grow healthy. It can be applied to even the most damaged nails. In order to maintain the health of the nail, it is recommended to use it regularly after removing the permanent nail polish. 12 ml

Super Dry Sheet 5 in 1

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Top coat & express nail polish dryer Dry Top Nail Polish Thanks to its special polymer formula with UV filter, nails are hard, smooth, shiny and protected (mechanical processes, water, detergents and other chemicals) for up to 10 days. The nourishing sweet almond oil in its active ingredient mix takes care of brittle and thin nails. It is used immediately after the use of nail polish, and it supports the fast drying of the nail polish.. 100% vegan.