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BEARD STRENGTHENING SETDermatologically Tested.Helps Your Beard Look More Vivid And Strong.It contains Herbal Complex, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil.Stronger Beards with Stimulating Dermaroller.International Brand of the Year Award.

Conditioner for Dandruff Hair 250 ml

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Conditioner for Dandruff Hair 250 mlRecommended for hair with dandruff and eczema. It helps to soothe the scalp, protect against irritation and relieve irritation and damage on the scalp. Leaves hair feeling soft.

Face and Body Cream with Argan and Manuka Oils – Ultra Gentle

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Face and Body Creamhyaluronic acid – oat extract – Ceramide Repair Complex™o Intense moisturizer for dry and rough skin o 72 hours smoothing and emollient o Intense regenerative o Elasticity enhancer o Creamy, fast absorbing textureSuitable for very dry, inelastic and mature skin types.

The Miracle of Egypt – Lip Balm

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In ancient Egypt, while honey and bee products had the same value as gold, bees were called the tears of the god Ra. Thanks to its rich content of vitamins, sucrose and macroelements, it intensively nourishes, renews and moisturizes the skin.Specially developed for lips, this rescue balm with its 99% natural and effective content saves lips from dryness, nourishes them with vitamins and moisturizes them deeply for a long time.

Valentine's Day Campaign – For Men

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White Prestige

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White PrestigeActive content: It evens and smoothes skin tone and removes color discrepancies. - Niacinamide - increases skin elasticity and firmness It deeply nourishes and supports the regeneration of the natural protective shield. - The scrub particles enriched with their mixtures eliminate color unevenness and effectively lighten the tone. Suitable for oily and combination skin types. 150 ml