Argan & Keratin Special Hair Care Cream – After Shampoo

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RADICAL RESTORATION TECHNOLOGY™ EFFECTS: •Regenerates hair fiber • Moisturizes •Strengthens and nourishes • shows restorative effect • Helps provide shine

Hair styling spray 150 ml

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Hair styling spray 150 mlWith its soft and creamy texture, it helps shape hair easily by reducing electricity in the hair. With its special formula, the hair is smoothed by the effect on it. Provides silky smoothness and ease of combing. It does not make the hair heavy.

Nourishing hair cream with argan and keratin – Golden Oil

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Nourishing hair creamIt's like leaving the beauty salon from the first use!RADICAL REPAIR TECHNOLOGY shows rapid improvement in hair structure and appearance. EFFECTS:•Renews hair fiber • Moisturizes •Strengthens and nourishes • Intense reparative effect •Provides shine from roots to ends • Softens and adds elasticity • Hair is easily combed and shaped • Protects against harmful external factors Argan oil repairs the hair structure and softens the hair. It strengthens, moisturizes, protects against harmful external factors and gives elasticity. Keratin is found in the basic structure of the hair, it is indispensable for the health and beautiful appearance of the hair. It naturally restores the structure of the hair and nourishes it deeply.

Slimming Intensive Serum

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Anti-Cellulite & Slimming Intensive Serum A series of proven efficacy in a clinical setting. Special serum with two functions: Using alone to fight persistent cellulite and to enhance the penetration and effect of other treatments. Lightly cooling gel, designed on the basis of Clinic System advanced technology, is absorbed into the lower layers of the skin using the mechanism of micro transmitters and effectively reduces the visibility of cellulite. Enriched with glycolic acid and COUNTOURSHOCK TREATMENT. It smoothest out perfectly Evens the surface of the skin and removes dead skin Increases the effect of anti-cellulite treatments with the shock effect it creates. Eliminates the feeling of swelling thanks to its cooling effect Burns fat and reduces cellulite even in the most critical areas Reduces the risk of cellulite formation Smart and Active Content: Thanks to its powerful and versatile effect even in the deepest layers of the epidermis, it even affects multi-level cellulite. Glycolic acid: This ingredient, which is widely used in cosmetology and aesthetics, is very effective in removing dead skin, smoothing and equalizing the surface of the skin. It helps the ingredients to break down the stored lipid areas that create the 'orange peel' appearance, to be quickly absorbed and penetrate deep into that area. Guarana + Caffeine: Supports the burning of deep fat tissue, eliminates the feeling of swelling. Thanks to its firming effect, it gives a healthy and youthful skin appearance. ConturShock Treatment: Accelerates microcirculation, burns deep fat tissue, reduces cellulite, shapes the silhouette and acts similarly to lymphatic drainage. Usage: Use at night as step 1 between shock therapy and anti-cellulite products. It helps other products to act more deeply. Apply intensively to cellulite and problem areas. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. dermatologically tested"

Straightening Conditioner 250 ml

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Straightening Conditioner 250 ml Straightening Conditioner helps restore the texture of dry and damaged hair. Helps increase hair's natural resistance to frizz/frizz for visibly soft and smooth hair. It calms the hair and increases its controllability. If you want your hair to look straight and soft, you should discover Dr.Clinic Straightening Effect Conditioner!Unclear waves in hair can often lead you to straightening and heat treatment. However, you can achieve a calmer and electrified look in your hair without heat treatment. For this, you should use Dr.Clinic shampoo and conditioner with a customized formula. The 250 ML product provides long-term use and has an affordable price option. You should definitely add this product to your hair care routine in order to give your hair the value it deserves and to achieve the look you dreamed of with its straightening effect.

Super Grow Slow Growing Hair Special Mask

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Sweet Coconut – Natural Mask for Dry and Brittle Hair – 20ml

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With its peaceful and sweet smell: Coconut * Macadamia * Passion Fruit Nutritious mask for dyed or damaged hair