Coffee Aroma – Natural Mask for Weak and Lost Hair – 20 ml

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With its relaxing smell: Coffee* Chilean Pepper * Guarana For shedding and weak hair   Increases hair elasticity and strength.

Mask for weak and falling hair – Coffee Aroma

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Mask for weak and falling hair With its soothing scent: Coffee* Chili * GuaranaFor limp and weak hairIncreases hair elasticity and strength.It strengthens the hair follicle and triggers it to grow healthier and faster.Coffee extract accelerates the microcirculation in the scalp and helps hair grow faster.Guarana extract nourishes the hair from root to tip and maintains its moisture balance.Chili pepper extract activates the metabolic process in the roots, reduces hair loss.500 ml

Natural Mask for Dry and Brittle Hair -Sweet Coconut

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Mask for dry and brittle hairWith its soothing and sweet scent:Coconut * Macadamia * Passion FruitCoconut water deeply moisturizes the hair.Passion fruit extract nourishes the hair with amino acids and vitamins in its content, helps it to grow faster by adding volume and healthy appearance.Macadamia strengthens and nourishes hair follicles, prevents hair ends from splitting and splitting, and adds vitality.500 ml

Nourishing Natural Mask for Colored or Damaged Hair – Banana Care

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Nourishing mask for damaged hairWith its terrific tropical scent:Banana * Avocado * PapayaRestores hair elasticity and shine and revitalizes its color for a long time.Banana juice softens the hair, restores its structure and makes it shine.Avocado extract nourishes and strengthens damaged hair, helps repair from root to tip, and increases the permanence of the dye.Papaya extract is nourishing, protects the hair against dryness and moisture loss, prevents split ends

Spray for colored hair 150 ml

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Spray for colored hair 150 mlThanks to its specially developed formula, it helps protect the color of your hair, increase its stability and gain shine. Helps restore lost softness and shine. Provides silky smoothness and easy combing. It does not make the hair heavy.

Sweet Coconut – Natural Mask for Dry and Brittle Hair – 20ml

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With its peaceful and sweet smell: Coconut * Macadamia * Passion Fruit Nutritious mask for dyed or damaged hair