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Dermatologically Tested. Developed for White Teeth and Fresh Breath. Contains Activated Carbon, Coconut and Menthol. International Brand of the Year Award.

Activated Carbon Tooth Cleaning Powder

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Banana Flavored Children's Toothpaste

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BLACK TOOTHPASTE - ACTIVATED CARBON TOOTH PASTEDermatologically Tested.Contains activated carbon and bicarbonate.It has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.Helps Protect Against Viruses and Bacteria.In the teeth; It helps to prevent problems such as yellowing and decay.It Eliminates Bad Breath, Provides You To Have A More Comfortable Breath. 

Black Toothpaste – Activated Carbon Toothpaste

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Dental Care Kit

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Dental Care Kit

  • In the teeth; It Helps Prevent Problems Like Yellowing And Decaying.
  • deeply cleans the teeth.
  • It removes bad breath and allows you to get a more fresh breath.
  • With Regular Use, It Gives Teeth a White and Bright Appearance.
  • Contains Activated Carbon. Dermatologically Tested.✓
  • Selected Luis Bien Products Selected Selected Nominee for Best Product of the Year.
  • Best Customer Experience of the Year Award.

Herbal Toothpaste 75 ml / 120 gr

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Herbal Toothpaste 75 ml / 120 grHerbal Toothpaste has been specially formulated to prevent stain formation. With regular use, you can prevent tooth decay and eliminate stain formation and smile freely! Dr.Clinic Herbal Toothpaste helps to moisturize and relax the gums thanks to Propolis Extracts and other ingredients. At the same time, it supports sensitivity and the natural color of teeth and gums. You can add Dr.Clinic Herbal Content Toothpaste to your oral care twice a day to get a fresh breath while protecting your dental health.

Lip Peeling 30 ml

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Lip Peeling

Our unique lip scrub provides exfoliation, healing and hydration for your lips.  How to use: Gently massage your lips with your fingertips. Delete it after applying. It can be used 2-3 times a week. Then follow with a natural lip balm.

Micro Particulate Toothpaste 75 ml / 120 gr

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Micro Particulate Toothpaste 75 mlMicro-Particulate Toothpaste gives whiteness and shine without damaging your tooth enamel. It helps protect against tooth decay. Blue colored Micro Particles prevent stain formation starting with the first brushing. You can use micro-particle Dr.Clinic toothpaste to have healthier teeth and smile with confidence!

Mint Whitening Toothpaste

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Teeth Polishing Powder 50 gr

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Teeth Polishing PowderTooth Polishing Powder is the perfect solution for dull and stained-looking teeth. It cleans the existing tartar and plaque layer and prevents its formation. Discover Dr.Clinic Teeth Polishing Powder to get whiter teeth and prevent bad breath! With regular use, the difference in whiteness of your teeth will become visible.Smoking, consuming coffee / tea are factors that pave the way for yellowing teeth and plaque formation. If regular oral care is not taken, the teeth begin to turn away from their natural white color and turn yellow. Tartar accumulation is observed between the teeth and prevents you from self-confidence while smiling. For a healthier oral care, you can use tooth polishing powder apart from regular tooth brushing. With Dr.Clinic Tooth Cleaner Care Powder, your teeth look cleaner, stronger and more well-groomed.

Teeth Whitening Set

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Teeth Whitening Set

It helps prevent yellowing and decay of teeth.It gives your teeth a white and shiny appearance.It contains activated carbon and coconut.Dermatologically tested.✓Nominated Customer Experience Champion8681967480931