Anti Hair Loss Conditioner 250 ml

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Anti Hair Loss Conditioner 250 mlHair Loss Conditioner balances and thickens hair without weighing it down. It prevents spillage. It also makes it easy to scan. Naturally derived amino acids strengthen hair from root to tip. Thanks to the ginseng, garlic, nettle, myrtle and hop extracts in its special formula, it nourishes the hair without weighing it down. If you want to grow your hair healthily without losing it, you should definitely try Dr.Clinic Anti-Shedding Conditioner!Hair is a source of self-confidence. We all want to have healthy, non-shedding, shiny and voluminous hair. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to use products specific to the needs of the hair. If you are observing an intense shedding in your hair, you should choose your shampoo and conditioner accordingly. Dr.Clinic hair care products enriched with natural ingredients will do you good. You can get the voluminous and thick hair you want with just your shampoo and conditioner without any extra support.

Anti-Sun Hair Protection Spray 150 ml

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Anti-Sun Hair Protection Spray

Lightweight, water-resistant UV protection spray helps protect hair from sun damage and dryness. 3-way protection and repair system. UVA/UVB filters protect the hair against the drying effect of the sun. Suitable for all hair types

Argan & Keratin Nourishing Hair Elixir – Golden Oil

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As if you were out of the beauty salon from the first use! RADICAL REPAIR TECHNOLOGY SHOWS™ A RAPID DEVELOPMENT

Argan & Keratin Special Hair Care Cream – After Shampoo

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RADICAL RESTORATION TECHNOLOGY™ EFFECTS: •Regenerates hair fiber • Moisturizes •Strengthens and nourishes • shows restorative effect • Helps provide shine


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BEARD STRENGTHENING SETDermatologically Tested.Helps Your Beard Look More Vivid And Strong.It contains Herbal Complex, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil.Stronger Beards with Stimulating Dermaroller.International Brand of the Year Award.

Black Garlic Care Set

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BLACK GARLIC OILDermatologically Tested. Contains 100% Natural Black Garlic. Helps Nourish Scalp and Reduces Spills. Helps Strengthen Thin and Fine Hair. International Brand of the Year Award.

Black Garlic Oil – Black Garlic Oil

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Black Garlic Shampoo – Black Garlic Shampoo

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BLUE KERATIN HAIR CARE MILKDermatologically Tested. Contains Hydrolyzed Keratin. Provides Strengthening of Hair by Care Hair from Bottom to End. Helps Dry and Lifeless Hair Moisturize. It gives a lively and voluminous appearance to the hair. International Brand of the Year Award.

Blue Serum – Blue Hair Care Serum

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Blue Serum For Hair Growth

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Dermatologically Tested.Eyebrow Eyelash Serum Has A Natural and Herbal Content.Contains panthenol.It is effective in providing regeneration of lost eyebrows and eyelashes.Contributes to the Prevention of Sparse, Short and Thin Appearance.Strengthens and Revitalizes Eyebrows and Eyelashes.