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“Tonic” skin tonic and refreshing

Original price was: 565.78 TL.Current price is: 515.87 TL.
Dermatologically Tested.Contains Laudimonium Hydroxypropyl and Aqua.Thanks to its Wheat Proteins and Specially Developed Formula; It Protects Your Skin Against External Factors.It contributes to cleansing and purifying your dirty and oily skin throughout the day.International Brand of the Year Award.Its products were nominated for the Best Product of the Year.Made in Turkey

2. Step- Young Skin Purifying and Mattifying Tonic – Clean Your Skin

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Daily care for oily skin. It helps to regulate the pH balance of the skin, reduce makeup residues and tiny

24 K Gold Beauty Gold Serum

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24 K Gold Beauty Gold Serum

  • Dermatologically Tested.✓
  • Contains 24 carat gold.
  • Moisturizes and Nourishes the Skin.
  • It is effective against aging.
  • Selected Luis Bien Products Selected as the Best Product Nominee of the Year.
  • Best Customer Experience of the Year Award.

24 karat gold serum

Original price was: 713.91 TL.Current price is: 647.25 TL.
Contains 24k gold.Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.Eliminates signs of aging.International Brand of the Year Award.Recipient of the award for the best product of the year.Customer Service of the Year Award.

24k Caviar & Snail Repair & Wrinkle Reducer Night Cream

Original price was: 651.12 TL.Current price is: 573.83 TL.
With its specially developed formula for night use, it deeply moisturizes the skin. It effectively fills in wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.INGREDIENTS: Black caviar, 24K gold, 4% snail extract, Manuka honey, camellia oil, Bakuchiol, calcium, proNeuro Boost, Argireline peptide*, ceramides.Suitable for mature and sensitive skin.

3-in-1 Beautiful & Healthier and Whiter Nails

Original price was: 370.00 TL.Current price is: 295.93 TL.
Whitening and smoothing treatment It whitens the nails and removes all color problems caused by the dryness of the nail

3-Piece Contour Pallet – no.2

Original price was: 16,902.94 TL.Current price is: 8,225.58 TL.
3-in-1 CONTOUR PALETTE – color no. 2 Use of light and shadow With the 3-Piece Contour Palette, it is possible

3Minute Vitamin Hair Removal Cream – Aloe Vera

Original price was: 657.56 TL.Current price is: 331.03 TL.
Epilation Cream EFFECTS: • Slows down the hair growth process • Effectively removes unwanted hair quickly and painlessly • Leaves

4D Face Whitening Gift Set

Original price was: 2,108.24 TL.Current price is: 1,143.16 TL.
3-Pack gift set of 4D White Prestige Series: -Daytime Face Whitening and Anti-Pigmentation Moisturizing Cream -Night Face Whitening and Anti-Pigmentation

4D White Prestige- Anti-Stain & Whitening Sun Protection Day Face Cream

Original price was: 925.80 TL.Current price is: 721.32 TL.
25 SPF   For oily and combination skin types light cream texture without fat   4D White Prestige- Inspired by

6’s EYESHADOW Palette- NO: 01

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6's EYESHADOW Palette- NO: 01

6’s EYESHADOW Palette- NO: 02

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6's EYESHADOW Palette- NO: 02