BLACK GARLIC OILDermatologically Tested. Contains 100% Natural Black Garlic. Helps Nourish Scalp and Reduces Spills. Helps Strengthen Thin and Fine Hair. International Brand of the Year Award.

Eveline Luxury Regenerating Dry Fat Face And Body Serum

A series of oils of nature with special formula, combining dry oil with intensive care serum. Nutritious oils care for

Grape Seed Oil 20 ml

Grape Seed Oil 20 mlIt is rich in vitamin E. Grape seed oil, which is quite mild compared to many types of oils found in the plant world, is a very good option as a daily moisturizer. It regulates oil balance by eliminating pore clogging. Grape seed oil, which is also rich in vitamin E and vitamin C, evens the skin tone by creating healing effects on wounds, spots and scars on the skin.You can drip a few drops into your daily cream and use it. It makes your skin feel young. It is a suitable moisturizer for all skin types. Grape seed oil can also be used as a make-up removal oil.How to use: After cleaning the area you want to use, apply a small amount of oil to your hand as if you were massaging it in a circular motion. Apply twice a day for more effective results. It is suitable for daily application.

John’s Wort Oil 20 ml

John's Wort Oil 20 mlIt is an excellent care oil product for rough skin. It is also used on skin that has been irritated by excessive sun exposure. St. John's Wort oil is obtained from the flowers and leaves of St. John's Wort plant. Dr.Clinic carefully presents natural oils to provide the perfect care for your skin. You can use Dr.Clinic St. John's Wort Oil for a healthier skin!St. John's Wort is one of the plant species frequently used in herbal therapy and alternative medicine. Its oil is considered to be healing for the body. It is used for detention bruises, body cracks, skin health and many other different problems. St. John's Wort oil, which protects the body against microbes, also shows strong effects on skin disorders such as eczema and varicose veins. To have a beautiful and smooth skin, you can include St. John's Wort oil among your skin care products.

Udi Turkey Oil 20 ml

Udi Turkey Oil 20 mlIt has been specially formulated to protect and moisturize skin health. You can also use Dr.Clinic udi turkey oil to get rid of skin spots and have a bright and clean skin. Udi Turkey oil helps the skin to look healthier and brighter. It helps in the treatment of skin diseases such as skin burns, cut insect bites and eczema. It is used in hair and skin care. It is used by dripping into the nose in diseases such as nasal congestion, flu, cold. It can be dripped onto the wound. It can be applied to the skin and hair.Udi Hindi, one of the most powerful natural antibiotics known, is very useful in removing microbes from the body if used regularly. It is a special oil that has been supported for the human body for centuries. It allows you to leave chronic fatigue behind. It gives energy and reduces stress.