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Lip Care Lipsticks – 14 Colors

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OH MY KISS! – Beautiful and well-groomed, ideal lips Lip Care Lipsticks COMBINATION OF LIP MAKEUP AND CARE 2 in 1Lips are one of the most important elements of female beauty. Colored lips stand out and draw attention. But rather than make-up, the lip needs care first. If the lips have a healthy and beautiful appearance in their natural state, a magnificent result will emerge after make-up. OH MY LIPS! Lipstick-balms of the series allow you to care for your lips and make up at the same time. You can choose the right color for yourself from 14 color options. While the balm part will protect, revitalize and moisturize your lip, the colored part will highlight your lip. The rich formula with peptides and shea butter nourishes, smoothes and softens your lips.

Hair Filling Powder

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Developed to cover scalp hair.
It fuses with the hair strands, and contributes to the density and thickness of the hair.
Helps give the appearance of natural hair.
It nourishes hair thanks to its natural extracts rich in protein and natural keratin.
Feel the natural effect of your hair in just 30 seconds 

Mineral Mud Mask 100 ml

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Mineral Mud Mask

It cleans the skin deeply and helps to remove the dead skin on the skin with the peeling method. It gives silky appearance and vitality to the skin. It cleans clogged pores and purifies excess oil and helps the skin regain its natural tone. It is a SPA product. If you want to use a mineral-supported mask for your skin, you can try Dr.Clinic Mineral Mud Mask!