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Avocado Fatty Cuticle Remover Care Gel 12 ml

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The flesh around the nail helps to quickly come out without damaging the skin and slows down the process of

Intense Nail and Cuticle Nourishing Bio-Oil

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Moisturizes cuticles and polishes nails Nail and skin oil Nail polish and cuticle nourishing professional daily care. Its biologically active and natural ingredient formula is COSMOS certified. Organic bio-oils with cold compresses (BIO-avocado, BIO-jojoba, BIO-macadamia) rich in vitamins provide the necessary daily care for dry nails and sensitive cuticles. This oil blend deeply nourishes and rejuvenates the area. With regular use, it prevents the cuticles from breaking off and growing on the nail.SYSTEMATIC TREATMENT• prevents dryness and softens cuticles• prevents cracking and splitting • nourishes and revitalizes nails – increases their resistance and shines.100% vegan. Does not contain mineral oils.

Repairing And Thickening Treatment After Permanent Nail Polish

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nail care polish Its structuring and hardening formula has been specially developed for nails weakened after permanent nail polish. Its intense formula penetrates the structure of the nail, providing maximum regeneration and hardening of the nail structure. Prevents breakage and bending by holding the nail; It helps them to grow healthy. It can be applied to even the most damaged nails. In order to maintain the health of the nail, it is recommended to use it regularly after removing the permanent nail polish. 12 ml

Super Dry Sheet 5 in 1

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Top coat & express nail polish dryer Dry Top Nail Polish Thanks to its special polymer formula with UV filter, nails are hard, smooth, shiny and protected (mechanical processes, water, detergents and other chemicals) for up to 10 days. The nourishing sweet almond oil in its active ingredient mix takes care of brittle and thin nails. It is used immediately after the use of nail polish, and it supports the fast drying of the nail polish.. 100% vegan.