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Blue Eyebrow Eyelash Serum

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Dermatologically Tested.Eyebrow Eyelash Serum Has A Natural and Herbal Content.Contains panthenol.It is effective in providing regeneration of lost eyebrows and eyelashes.Contributes to the Prevention of Sparse, Short and Thin Appearance.Strengthens and Revitalizes Eyebrows and Eyelashes.

Eyebrow And Eyelash Serum 6 ml

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Eyebrow And Eyelash Serum

It helps you to have the thick eyebrows and eyelashes you dream of. You can take the necessary care in a short time for eyebrows that make the facial lines clear and eyelashes that add depth to the eyes. You can nourish your eyebrows and eyelashes with natural herbal extracts in the Eyebrow and Eyelash Serum. It offers practical use every day with its easy application brush.

Men X-treme Aftershave Soothing Balm

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Series for men6 in 1 Ø Soothes irritation Ø Prevents burning Ø Relieves redness Ø Relieves the feeling of tension Ø Moisturizes and refreshes Ø Increases the resilience of the skin UVA/UVB Filtered 0% Paraben Contains marine mineral and hyaluronic acid -150ml