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6’s EYESHADOW Palette- NO: 01

Original price was: 740.64 TL.Current price is: 518.12 TL.
6's EYESHADOW Palette- NO: 01

6’s EYESHADOW Palette- NO: 02

Original price was: 629.86 TL.Current price is: 451.14 TL.
6's EYESHADOW Palette- NO: 02

Angel Dream 12 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

Original price was: 981.83 TL.Current price is: 740.64 TL.

Angel Dream 12 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

12 intensely pigmented color options are at hand to suit all kinds of make-up. Special trend colors are in this palette. From stylish gold and purple tones, you can find more classic tones of brown and beige. It is possible to easily make any make-up you want with its easy-to-mix and dust-free structures.

Black Mascara

Original price was: 649.18 TL.Current price is: 411.54 TL.
Black MascaraMAXIMUM EYELASH THICKENING AND SEPARATION It easily combs all eyelashes with its long and short-tipped brush. Thickens and separates lashes. It contains carnauba and rice wax. It lasts all day

Black waterproof eyeliner pen

Original price was: 490.43 TL.Current price is: 345.52 TL.

Black waterproof eyeliner pen

Permanent formula, soft tip. Waterproof intense black eyelinerFeatures: - Eyeliner pencil waterproof. - Exceptionally delicate and easy to apply.THE EYELINER PENCIL CAN BE USED IN THREE DIFFERENT WAYS: 1. It is ideal as the eyeliner for performing precise stroke along the eyelashes. 2. You can use it as a base shadow while creating sensual, evening smoky eyes. 3. Also without any problems you can use it to underline the eye waterline.

Concealer 01

Original price was: 550.00 TL.Current price is: 370.00 TL.
 Concealer 01

Concealer 02

Original price was: 665.93 TL.Current price is: 370.00 TL.
 Concealer 02

Essential Rose 8-Pack Headlight Palette

Original price was: 15,609.40 TL.Current price is: 6,451.27 TL.
PROFESSIONAL 8-PCS HEADLIGHT PALETTE ESSENTIAL ROSE is a compact, densely pigmented and stylish palette where you can find the most

Eyebrow And Eyelash Serum 6 ml

Original price was: 649.18 TL.Current price is: 464.03 TL.

Eyebrow And Eyelash Serum

It helps you to have the thick eyebrows and eyelashes you dream of. You can take the necessary care in a short time for eyebrows that make the facial lines clear and eyelashes that add depth to the eyes. You can nourish your eyebrows and eyelashes with natural herbal extracts in the Eyebrow and Eyelash Serum. It offers practical use every day with its easy application brush.


Original price was: 465.96 TL.Current price is: 322.98 TL.
Extra soft eyeliner for eye makeup. It can be easily distributed on the eyelid.There is a sharp pencil sharpener on the cover. It opens the pen at the required level and makes it ready for the perfect line.


Original price was: 665.93 TL.Current price is: 491.07 TL.
SUNRISE is a compact, intensely pigmented and stylish palette with special tones inspired by the sunrise, color options suitable for all kinds of make-up, and a package size suitable for travel.With a double-sided brush.

Eyeshadow Palette 9 Sparkle Colors

Original price was: 1,081.65 TL.Current price is: 723.89 TL.
Eyeshadow palette consisting of 9 matte and glossy colors produced with intense pigments.With the colors in the Sparkle set, there are colors suitable for all compositions, from modest to assertive.It is easily applied and shaded with its special texture.long lastingIt decorates your make-up table with its eye-catching design. It is also a stylish gift option.