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100% Natural Corn Olive Salad – Breakfast Dressing net weight 250g

100% Natural Corn Olive Salad - Breakfast Dressing net weight 250gContentsSliced ​​green olives, corn, sunflower oil, pepper paste, tomato paste, cumin, coriander, sour pomegranate sauce, garlic, citric acid.

Acuka Walnut Sauce 250 g

100% Natural Akoka - Breakfast Sauce net weight 250gAllergen WarningContains walnuts.

Almond paste 300g

Almond paste 300gMade from 80% Almonds. net weight 300g 

Baby pasta handmade

Baby pasta handmadeHandmade Baby pasta, which is produced according to the taste of the child, is completely homemade.The preparation is written on the back of the package.Contents Wheat Flour, Yogurt, SaltAllergen Warning Contains gluten, milk and dairy products.

Black Seed Honey

Black Seed HoneyOur products are 100% natural honey. 0.72kg

cashew butter 300g

cashew butter 300gObtained from 80% cashew nuts. Since our products are roasted twice, they will taste more intense and beautiful. net weight 300g

Flower Package

Flower Package honey Weight: 1.5kg

Handmade plain pasta

Handmade plain pastaPlain pasta is produced using chicken eggs.The preparation is written on the back of the package.Contents Pasta flour, water, chicken eggs, salt.Allergen Warning Contains gluten, dairy and eggs.

Hazelnut paste 300g

Hazelnut paste 300 g80% hazelnut product. net weight 300g

Linden flower honey

Linden flower honeyOur products are 100% natural honey. flower honey/Weight: 0.72kgUhoney linden honey Size: 460 grams In every spoonful of Uhoney linden honey you eat directly, or add it to your favorite drinks and baked goods, discover a unique taste and a different flavor, and if you are wondering about the secret of this taste, you will get comprehensive answers in the following topics. lines. What is linden honey Uhoney? It is a type of honey with 100% natural content, which is characterized by its transparent white color, spicy scent-inclined floral aroma and distinctive taste, as well as rapid crystallization and transformation into medium or fine form. granules.

Natural “Rang” chicken eggs

Natural "Rang" chicken eggsThe box contains 30 natural and delicious chicken eggs!Natural village eggs are freely raised in nature in the Düzce region and fed with specially produced feed to give natural eggs with a delicious and useful flavour!Delicate packaging, fast delivery! Our natural and delicious eggs in your home without breaking!

Peanut Butter 300g

Obtained from 80% peanuts. Weight: 300 grams