Natural Anticellulite Soap with Sweet Orange Oil 100 gr

Contains Sodium Olivate and Orange Extract.It is a very effective soap especially for oily skin.It Tightens the Skin and Helps to Bring Brightness.International Value Adding Brand of the Year award.

Natural carnation soap for skin lightening


Natural carnation soap for skin lightening

 Dermatologically Tested. Designed for All Skin Types. Nourishes and Moisturizes the Skin with Clove and Black Seed Oil Extracts. It Has A Tensioning Effect On The Skin By Accelerating The Blood Circulation. International Value Adding Brand of the Year award. Products Awarded Best Product of the Year.

Natural Chamomille Soap

Dermatologically Tested.It Contributes to Give Fullness and Shine to the Hair.Helps the Skin to Relax and Rest.International Value Adding Brand of the Year award. 100(GR)

Ottoman Hamam Series Calendula Soap 100 gr

Ottoman Hamam Series Calendula SoapIt is a unique moisturizer with its special content developed for the skin and body. It is produced with natural ingredients and gently cleanses without harming the skin. Especially for dry skin, the problem of flaking disappears with regular use. If you want to moisturize your dry and dull-looking skin with natural ingredients, you can try Dr.Clinic Calendula Soap!Same Sefa soap minimizes the formation of irritation on the skin with a restorative effect. It strengthens sensitive skin in terms of moisture. It is very useful for skin cracks. If there are spots on your skin and the formation of spots is repeated, you should definitely add the same Sefa Soap to your daily skin cleaning routine.

Ottoman Hamam Series Goat Milk Soap 100 gr

Ottoman Hamam Series Goat Milk SoapFormulated with natural ingredients to gently cleanse your skin without drying it out. Natural goat milk soap, which has a moisturizing effect, is a popular care product for dry skin. It can be used for both body and face. It prevents the formation of black and blackheads. You can use Dr.Clinic Goat Milk Soap to get a moist and vibrant skin!It maintains the ph balance of the skin. It has special content for those with sensitive skin. It does not cause irritation and is effective in the disappearance of inflamed acne. Since it contains selenium, it protects the skin against harmful UV rays. While removing dead skin, it supports you to have a soft and clean skin. Thanks to the beneficial fatty acids in its content, it helps to refresh and shine the sk

Ottoman Hamam Series Tea Tree Soap 100 gr

Ottoman Hamam Series Tea Tree SoapOttoman Hamam Series Tea Tree Soap has antibacterial properties. It refreshes the skin with its natural content. It prevents the formation of acne and reduces the pain of existing acne. Dr.Clinic Ottoman Hamam Tea Tree Soap, suitable for daily use, helps to remove blackheads. You can include tea tree soap in your daily care routine to have a clean skin with the natural power of soap!Tea tree soap, which gives a deep sense of cleanliness with its pleasant smell, is preferred for effective repair in acne-prone skin. It is applied to wet skin by foaming soap and rinsed after waiting for a while. It has emollient properties and gently cleanses the face.