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Angel Dream 12 Colors Eyeshadow Palette


Angel Dream 12 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

12 intensely pigmented color options are at hand to suit all kinds of make-up. Special trend colors are in this palette. From stylish gold and purple tones, you can find more classic tones of brown and beige. It is possible to easily make any make-up you want with its easy-to-mix and dust-free structures.

Anti-wrinkle eye contour cream – laser

Anti-wrinkle eye contour cream eye contour cream/ -smoothing -reactionary -lifter - remover under eye bruises effect Containing 12 peptides of youth 20 ml

Argan Oil Multi-Purpose Eyelashes Serum

SOS Lash Serum 8-in-1: used as a reparative serum, a growth activator and a base before mascara. It shows an intense restorative and nourishing effect with its special active ingredients, which come together with argan oil and have an extra effect. It thickens the lashes. The bioHYALURON COMPLEX™ rich formula with hyaluronic acid penetrates the lower layers of the eyelashes, strengthening its structure and promoting its elongation. LUXURY OF YOUTH COMPLEX™ moisturizes and protects the contents. Regular use of serum makes lashes longer, thicker, stronger and healthier, greatly reducing eyelash shedding.

Black Mascara

Black MascaraMAXIMUM EYELASH THICKENING AND SEPARATION It easily combs all eyelashes with its long and short-tipped brush. Thickens and separates lashes. It contains carnauba and rice wax. It lasts all day

Black Mascara

Black MascaraMega Lashes – Black Mascara Volumizing & Eyelash Extension Mascara The innovative BEAUTY & CARE formula adds a long, thick and sharp look to the lashes. Silicone DOUBLE BRUSH™ brush prevents clumping. Its rich formula with mineral pigments, rice wax, carnauba wax and vitamins A, E and F repairs, nourishes and cares for eyelashes. It supports the growth of eyelashes by preventing shedding and breakage.

Black Mascara

Black MascaraMagnet Glances – Black Mascara EXTRA volumizing mascara With its special formula, maximum long and thick eyelashes are possible with this mascara. Shaped, silicone brush distributes the paint evenly on all eyelashes and does not clump. Its rich formula with mineral pigments, natural carnauba wax and vitamins A, E and F repairs, nourishes and cares for eyelashes. It prevents eyelash shedding and breakage.

Black waterproof eyeliner pen

Permanent formula, soft tip. Waterproof intense black eyeliner


Eyebrow shaping in 2 steps:Thanks to the convenience provided by the specially designed tip, the eyebrows are easily shaped and painted by filling in the gaps. Sharp brush― combs the brow giving the required form.

Eye Contour Care Serum 10ml


Eye Contour Care Serum

Helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Enriched with Vitamin C, Peptides and hyaluronic acid. While relieving the symptoms of crow's feet, it gives luminosity to the eye area. To have a healthier and more vigorous eye, you can include Dr.Clinic eye contour serum in your daily routine!

Eye Contour Wrinkle Care Cream 15 ml


Eye contour cream

Thanks to the special vegan Hyaluronic Acid and Peptide complexes in its content, it helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Busy life, genetic factors etc. Bags under the eyes caused by various reasons are often disturbing. Wrinkle cream around the eyes, specially produced with Dr.Clinic studies, supports you to have a more lively and even-toned eye area with regular use.