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Remover Spray

4D Clinic-Slimming Activating Cellulite Remover Spray -Eveline Slimming series, the effect of which has been proven in clinical environment. Superconcentrated Cellulite Remover- tightens, shapes and aims to reduce the fat content of unwanted areas. Its warming effect allows the content to be absorbed more easily into the skin, burns the legs, hips and belly area and reduces cellulite. Gives the desired tightening and shaping results Burns the deep fat layer Reduces the risk of cellulite recurrence Ideal as nighttime shock therapy Recommended as a pre-exercise fat burning activator Concentrated Active Ingredients: Intenslim L-carnitine guarana agave Usage: Apply to the cellulite area in the morning and evening. Use before exercise for the most effective results. Massage vigorously from bottom to top and in circular motions until absorbed. Determine your usage range according to your needs. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Dermatologically tested.

Tropical Festival Shower Gel 400 ml

Tropical Festival Shower GelTropical Festival Shower Gel reveals the wonderful harmony of avocado and coconut! The natural extracts in it contribute to calming the body and mind. Discover this new series to make shower times more enjoyable and to be refreshed with the precious scent of exotic essences!It also helps moisturize the skin while purifying it. In this way, it does not create a tight feeling on the skin after rinsing. Dr.Clinic Tropical Festival Shower Gel, which is the perfect choice for a soft and clean skin, offers a refreshing effect.